A consulting job entails providing professional knowledge and expertise to solve client problems. Young professionals want to engage in the consulting field for a variety of reasons, including a steep learning curve, client-focused services, and substantial income. They aspire to be a part of a high-powered work environment at firms like MBB.

If you want to pursue a career in consulting, here’s a breakdown of B-schools by region. The analysis includes the percentage of students that the school send into consulting, average salary, resources dedicated to consulting such as faculty, courses, clubs and career services.

Why is an MBA important for a consulting career?

  • MBA curriculum

An MBA program teaches you the fundamental business concepts required for consulting. You understand how a company operates from the top down. You learn everything you need to know as a consultant, from strategy to finance to operations and marketing. The MBA program is designed to help you improve your soft skills as well. You learn to work in and lead a variety of workgroups, improve your communication and presentation skills, and so on.

  • the Know-How is taught at B-schools

MBA is not a “cram and clear your exam” sort of a program. MBA pedagogy is supported by other teaching methods – case study format, group assignments, experiential learning (real-world assignments), etc. You are trained to handle real-life situations. MBA clubs and events also offer great exposure to the world of consulting. 

  • A launchpad 

Although an MBA is not necessary, it gives a head start on a consulting career. You get an extra edge and the essential skills that consulting companies seek. Any MBA helps build a strong network of professionals. The alumni network of a prestigious business school helps steer in the consulting field. 

  • Firms hire from target B-schools

An MBA degree provides the necessary stamp of confidence to the recruiters. Most top recruiters target the tier-1 b-schools while hiring management graduates as consultants. Earning an MBA degree puts them on the preferential list of hiring companies.

Top B-schools for consulting in Asia

  1. INSEAD Singapore
  2. NUS Business School, Singapore

NUS Business School offers a premier MBA program in the heart of Asia. According to the Financial Times, the 17-month program ranked 21st. It is also the least expensive MBA program. The weighted salary is ~ $70,000.

It provides excellent exposure to the consulting world through its experiential core, which includes a 5-day boot camp where participants develop decision-making and influencing skills, an MBA consulting project where participants work in small teams with companies from various industries such as Goldman Sachs and Robert Bosch, and an MBA survival kit where participants learn stakeholder management, pitching, problem-solving, and so on. Every year, 20-25 percent of students are hired as consultants.

  1. Indian School of Business, India

ISB (Indian School of Business) is a private business school with campuses in two Indian states: Hyderabad, Telangana, and Mohali, Punjab. The Financial Times ranks it 32nd. Programs at the Indian School of Business (ISB) focus on managing business in rapidly changing environments, with a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, the impact of technology on commerce, and emerging markets.

It is also known as “India’s consulting mecca.” ISB is used for recruitment by every consulting firm you can think of. ISB’s Consulting Club is particularly well-known for its case prep sessions, in which alumni fly down to campuses to assist students in preparing for case interviews. Consulting gurus such as Victor Cheng also come down to mentor aspiring consultants. As an ISB consultant, one can expect to earn an average salary of $35,000.

Top B-schools for consulting in Europe

  1. INSEAD, France/ Singapore
INSEAD, Singapore
INSEAD, France

With a presence on four continents, INSEAD offers one of the most prestigious MBA programs. With students from 90 countries, it is also regarded as the most international business school. The diversity of this college is truly unparalleled.

INSEAD’s one-year full-time program offers a September intake (10 months with no internship), and a January intake (12 months, with a two-month internship). 

It allows students to spend one of their five periods studying at a US B-school like Wharton and Kellogg. 

The school has two campuses, in Fontainebleau (France) and Singapore. Both are equivalent as far as the school is concerned and applicants cannot apply to one campus only, though they can state their preferences.

Looking at the consulting angle, in terms of numbers, no school sends more students into consulting jobs than INSEAD. And in terms of percentage, ~52% of the students land a management consulting job post-MBA. the INSEAD Consulting Club has an active campus presence. They organize case competitions, career treks (visits to firm offices), guest lectures, consulting workshops, peer panels, and case discussions.

  1. London Business School

The University of London’s London Business School (LBS) is regarded as one of the best in the world. It offers a two-year MBA program, which is different from most European programs (though it can be completed in 15 or 18 months). 

London Business School’s flexible curriculum includes more than 20 electives in Strategy. The consulting industry employs ~40% of the batch, with an average package of $116K.

To help prepare students for interviews with consulting firms, Consulting club of LBS organizes Informational events with consulting firms, training and development sessions, and several high-profile Case Competitions. 

  1. HEC Business School, France

HEC Paris has graduated more CEOs of Fortune Global 500 companies than any other university in Europe. The 16-month MBA incorporates a personalized career-development program as well as unique, hands-on learning and leadership opportunities, such as the outdoor leadership seminar and the on-campus MBA Tournament.  

HEC Paris is a big draw for students who want to change their career paths. ~26% of the class goes into the consulting industry with an average salary of $120K.

Top B-schools for consulting in North America

  1. Yale School of Management, US

Yale SOM has a two-year MBA program that emphasizes ethics and social responsibility and has an academic-theoretic orientation (as opposed to other schools that emphasize a practical orientation). Yale SOM specializes in strategy and non-profit management (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Approximately ~40% of students choose consulting as a career path and earn an average of $165,000. The Yale Consulting Club is known for providing “pro bono consulting” to local businesses and non-profits. MBB, LEK, Clarion, Mars & Co, and Simon Kucher have all made offers to Yale graduates.

  1. Colombia Business School, US

CBS is one of the oldest business schools in Manhattan (Established in 1916). It is one of the six Ivy League business schools and offers one of the most competitive top MBA programs. The CBS flagship 2-year MBA program has two intakes, one in August and the other in January. Internships, extracurricular projects, events with high-profile speakers, and consulting projects are a few of the experiential learning opportunities available at CBS.

CBS used to be known as the “Finance School,” but it now sends graduates to a wide range of industries. The second-largest employer of Colombian graduates is consulting.

By conducting mock interviews, resume reviews, and educational workshops, the Management Consulting Association helps students prepare for a career in consulting. Students who want to put their consulting skills to the test against students from other top business schools can enter the “Odyssey” competition. It is a game consisting of 3 phases – Entrepreneurial Pitch, Negotiations, and Sales and Marketing Pitch.  

  1. Duke Fuqua School of Business, US

Fuqua’s MBA program is acclaimed as a General Management program. The figures back up the school’s claim. A consulting job is landed by ~34% of the batch, and a General Management job is landed by ~21%. The average salary for Fuqua graduates is $140,000.

Students can prepare for consulting careers by attending “Roadmap” training sessions led by consulting clubs and participating in experiential learning opportunities like the Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum.

  1. Kellogg School of Management, US

In this school, the culture of collaboration and teamwork is apparent. Despite its reputation for marketing, the school sends ~33% of its graduates to the consulting industry, with an average salary of $150,000.

The school offers experiential learning opportunities through Labs such as Management Lab (students can take a trial run at a consulting project before starting their summer internships) and Global Lab (students examine a real-world problem and solve the issue with support from a company contact and a faculty advisor by spending 2 weeks on-site at a company).

  1. Rotman School of Management, Canada

Rotman SOM is the University of Toronto’s graduate business school. With an average salary of $115K, Rotman places ~20% of its graduates in the consulting profession. Through a 4-month internship, students get the chance to integrate and apply management expertise obtained throughout the curriculum.

NeXus Consulting Group, a Rotman MBA student-led low-fee management consulting firm, is linked to Rotman’s academic and professional community, assisting organizations in achieving long-term success. Another such business is Impact Consulting Group, which has been in operation for over 20 years and draws on Rotman’s latest education, diversified industry and functional experience, and resources.

  1. Ivey Business School, Canada

Western Ontario University’s Ivey Business School provides a one-year MBA program that begins in March. The Ivey MBA is a general management and strategy program. The Ivey MBA program is Canada’s sole case-based teaching model, with 300 examples each year included in the curriculum. Students get an option to participate in an international study trip to China, South America, or Europe.

MBA students at Ivey have the option of earning a Certificate in Entrepreneurship. Completion of a series of career-focused elective courses, networking opportunities, and real-world experiences like the Ivey New Venture Project are all part of the degree, preparing you to start your entrepreneurial path. 

These top business schools will help you get a leg up on your competition when it comes to pursuing your consulting career goals. We hope that this post has provided you with useful information to help you make an informed decision while assessing which b-school is best for you. You may also contact us for a free profile evaluation.