UVA Darden Short Answer 1: Learning Team

Given that you will be forming lifelong connections with your classmates that extend beyond the classroom, what is important for your classmates to know about you that is not on your resumé? (200 words)

The individuals you study with at Darden have a significant role in your education. To discuss your case assignments before class, a group of different students will be assigned to you. These discussions are intended to ensure that everyone is prepared to participate in the class discussion. Your classmates ought to be a part of a team that supports one another.

This question is meant to get you thinking about how you may help your students in the future. Introduce yourself to the Darden community first. What background information ought your peers to be aware of? What variety of viewpoints will you offer to the learning ecosystem? You could have special professional experiences to share with the class. Or perhaps you have a particularly interesting extra-curricular experience to share or a personal accomplishment or aspect of your heritage of which you’re especially proud.

In just a few words, describe what you think will set you apart from your peers and be interesting for the class to know about you. Showcase elements of their personalities and candidacies that the adcom will not have the chance to address elsewhere.

UVA Darden Short Answer 2: Inclusive Environment

Please describe a tangible example that illuminates your experience promoting an inclusive environment and what you would bring to creating an inclusive global community at Darden. (300 words)

In a case-based learning environment like Darden’s, it’s critical to both give your perspective and actively listen to and learn from others. In this manner, you may contribute to the development of novel and creative solutions. Also, keep in mind that Darden’s purpose was to select and develop leaders who were passionate about making a difference. As a result, in your example, you should analyze your record of involvement with multiple identities and groups. Past performance is an excellent predictor of future success, and detailed instances offer the best insight into your behavior.

The first half of the essay prompt asks you to recall a time when you strove to create a culture that was welcoming to everybody. Consider a concrete example of how you assist.

In the second section of the essay, strive to demonstrate how you will joyfully accept and embrace different points of view at Darden, so establishing a climate in which everyone feels welcome. Expand on the experience you discussed in the first section of the essay and demonstrate how you plan to apply what you’ve learned at Darden. Consider what you can do and where you can do it (class, clubs, career management, etc.) to make everyone feel at ease. Consider what you want to accomplish at Darden and how you can contribute to making those areas more welcoming. Be genuine, and if possible, demonstrate via your experience or intentions to make a difference that you will take an active role in ensuring that your Learning Team and class as a whole will have a culture that welcomes everyone.

UVA Darden  Short Answer 3: Career Goals

At this time how would you describe your short-term, post-MBA goal in terms of industry, function, geography, company size and/or mission and how does it align with the long-term vision you have for your career? (200 words)

This question is a condensed form of the normal career objectives essay, focusing on candidates’ immediate post-graduation job ambitions and connections to the long term. First, define your desired short-term goal employer(s) and employment position, and then explain how this approach will lead to your long-term vision. Answer the question “Will having an MBA from Darden help me reach where I want to go?” 

The school wants to know that you will be able to achieve your goals after completing their program, so don’t establish unreasonable expectations. Establishing simply that you have the abilities and expertise to enter your selected sector will assist the admissions reader in making the logical link. 

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