At Michigan Ross, you’ll participate in action-based learning, so in addition to learning new ideas and concepts, you’ll also put them into practise. Their top-notch professors will lead you through intensely interactive sessions, simulations, and actual business tasks whether you want to engage in a face-to-face, online, or blended learning programme. You will discover advanced strategies that you can use right away. You can achieve the best of both worlds by combining validated research and real-world application.

Leading scholars from throughout the world, the professors at Michigan Ross are skilled at turning academic research into profitable business strategies. The most important business concerns of the present day are discussed in articles, videos, and interviews with teachers and top business figures from around the world.

Michigan Ross Executive Education is committed to supporting you in achieving your objectives and providing a high return on investment, regardless of whether you’re looking to advance your career, update your skills, enhance team performance, create a pipeline of leaders, or have another goal altogether.

15-Month MBA Programme

The Ross School of Business is a 15-month year MBA program based in Michigan, US. It ranks 24th globally in the Financial Times Global business school rankings. It comes with an admission rate of ~20%.

The Ross School of Business Graduates Board is made up of 55,000 alumni from all over the world who are committed to fostering opportunities for interaction, instruction, and networking between alumni and the school.

Tuition fees for one year are $67,114 for Michigan Residents and $72,114 for Non-Michigan Residents.

Generous scholarships are offered to outstanding international candidates on a merit basis. Here are a few types of fellowships and scholarships available.

  • Forte MBA Fellowship
  • Health Innovation Scholars Program
  • Yellow Ribbon Program
  • The Consortium

Class Profile

The MBA cohort typically represents a wide array of industries and professional backgrounds, providing a truly global learning experience.

Industry experience of students, prior to joining is also diverse, Financial Services, Healthcare, Consulting, and Energy. About 26% are international students.

The average work experience for the full-time MBA is 5.4 years which ensures that students contribute richly to classroom learning by bringing forward their varied industry experience learning beyond the classroom is also facilitated through this.

At 45%, Ross School of Business has one of the best gender diversity ratios at B-schools throughout the world.

The average GMAT score for the incoming class was 718 and the 80% range is from 680-760.

The infographic below depicts the Ross School of Business MBA class profile with statistics about the gender distribution, age, work experience, and geographical background of the students.

Source: The MBA Graduate Overview 2021

Course Curriculum Summary

The first and second years’ Fall A and B and Winter A and B quarters are dedicated to Ross’ MBA curriculum. The Multidisciplinary Action Projects, which are field studies where students examine multidisciplinary issues, are the focus of the second winter quarter of year one. Over the first three-quarters of the MBA, students must complete nine mandatory courses that make up the Ross core curriculum.

Competing in the Global Business Environment and one authorized Business Law course are the other two degree requirements that students must fulfill. Either year one or year two can be used to finish the degree requirements. Students at Ross place bids on one of the many Multidisciplinary Action Projects that are offered at the end of the first year. You can choose your electives for year two with the aid of these projects. Entrepreneurial Turnaround Management and Integrated Product Development are two of the most well-liked electives at Ross.

Experiential Learning Programs

Through a variety of courses, the University of Michigan, Ross offers you various chances to engage in action-based learning. These classes concentrate on four areas of business: establishing or launching a business concept, advising businesses on strategic matters, managing investments, and managing or leading an already-existing business unit.

Placement Statistics

Within three months of graduation, 96.1% of Michigan Ross Full-Time MBA graduates received offers; this was a 10-year high. 

Of those graduates, 97.5% accepted those offers. With a 6% raise over the Class of 2020, they also received the greatest overall median compensation package of $171,450. 

International students saw the same high placement rates as domestic students, with acceptance rates reaching 97.9% three months after graduation.

Source: The official career report 2021

Notable Alumni

Stephen M. Ross – Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium

Abdullah Hammoud – Mayor of Dearborn

William S. Demchak – Chief Executive Officer of PNC Financial Services

Application Details

Admission Requirements

  • Order your transcripts – By the time of application, you must have earned the academic equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in the US from a recognized institution. Unofficial copies of all of your undergraduate and graduate transcripts, as well as any degree-related paperwork, may be sent with your application, but official copies will be needed if you’re approved.
  • Demonstrate Your Academic Readiness – The GMAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, PCAT, or DAT can all be submitted. You can upload unofficial score reports or self-report your score on the application. Some applicants might be able to sufficiently demonstrate their preparation for the program’s demands without having to turn in exam results. This may apply to applicants whose ability to pass a test to demonstrate their fitness is still being hampered by the pandemic or another situation.
  • Update your resume – Make sure your resume includes up-to-date information on your schooling and work history, including dates. Your application should correspond to these dates. They invite you to include your volunteer work and hobbies/interests since it will help them get to know you better. One page is the maximum length for a resume.
  • Choose your recommender – They only need one recommendation for Michigan Ross, which uses the GMAC Common Recommendation Form. Choose a recommender who can speak to your work style and professional performance; ideally, this will be a current or previous supervisor. A client, project manager, or expert mentor are among the alternatives. The following questions should be able to be addressed by your recommendation:
  1. Please include a brief account of your communication with the applicant and, if appropriate, of the applicant’s position within your business. (50 words)
  2. How does the applicant’s performance stack up against that of other highly qualified people working in related positions? What are the applicant’s main strengths, for instance? (500 words)
  3. Describe the most significant piece of advice you gave the applicant that was constructive. Please include specifics about the situation and the applicant’s reaction. (500 words)
  • Prepare for your interview – Interviews are conducted by a Ross alumnus and are solely by invitation. A few weeks after the application deadline, applicants will learn more about the schedule for interview invitations and the next steps. Their understanding of your professional presentation of your experiences and achievements is improved by the interview.

Application Fee –  $200

Application Deadlines

Source – The Official Website

Essay questions


Select one prompt from each group. Respond to your selected prompts using 100 words or fewer (<100 words each; 200 words total).

Group 1

• I want people to know that I:

• I made a difference when I:

• I was aware that I was different when:

Group 2

• I am out of my comfort zone when:

• I was humbled when:

• I was challenged when:


Michigan Ross is a place where people from all backgrounds with different career goals can thrive. What is your short-term career goal and why? (200 words)


Optional statement: Is there something in your resume or application that could use some explanation? You might want to discuss the completion of supplemental coursework, employment gaps, academic issues, etc. Feel free to use bullet points where appropriate.

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