Tepper’s MBA programme with a STEM designation equips you with the analytical and leadership abilities you’ll need to lead in fields where interdisciplinary collaboration fosters innovation and human intelligence liberates the power of data.

Tepper, located in the center of Carnegie Mellon University, is where you’ll learn to use your imagination, creativity, and a strong sense of cooperation to interpret the results of advanced analytics. You’ll harness the power of data and use cutting-edge technologies while working closely in various teams to develop creative solutions.

Your ability to lead with insight and a collaborative attitude born of self-awareness and a variety of experiences is prepared for you by individualized leadership coaching. By the time you graduate, you’ll have the analytical abilities to come up with original solutions and the leadership qualities to persuade others to follow you.

2-Year MBA Programme

The Carnegie Mellon: Tepper is a 2 year MBA program based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US. It ranks 23rd globally in the Financial Times Global business school rankings. It comes with an admission rate of ~30%. They are the business school that created management science, and a key component of its curriculum includes analytics. It offers an analytics-focused curriculum that will enable you to fully harness the power of data.

Business leaders of the future must be collaborative, humble, and capable of managing a variety of teams. Through the transformative methods of team-based learning and one-on-one leadership coaching, Tepper develops these traits. As you learn to lead from a position of honesty and empathy during your MBA journey, you’ll develop a unique road map.

All of Carnegie Mellon congregates on the Tepper Quad, the university’s innovation hub, to collaborate. There is no better setting to spark original thought. You’ll interact with visionaries from all fields, including researchers, architects, engineers working with artificial intelligence, and business owners.

The Tepper School Graduates Board is made up of 22 alumni from all over the world who are committed to fostering opportunities for interaction, instruction, and networking between alumni and the school.

Tuition fees for one year are $72,800 per year

Generous scholarships are offered to outstanding international candidates on a merit basis. Here are a few types of fellowships and scholarships available.

  • Tepper MBA Scholarship
  • Tepper Part-Time MBA Employer Matching Scholarship
  • Tepper School Forté Scholarship
  • Tepper School Consortium Fellowship
  • Tepper School Yellow Ribbon
  • Tepper School Reaching Out Fellowship

Class Profile

The MBA cohort typically represents a wide array of industries and professional backgrounds, providing a truly global learning experience.

Industry experience of students, prior to joining is also diverse, Financial Services, Technology, New Media, Consulting, and Manufacturing. About 34% are international students.

The average work experience for the full-time MBA is 5.4 years which ensures that students contribute richly to classroom learning by bringing forward their varied industry experience learning beyond the classroom is also facilitated through this.

At 21%, Carnegie Mellon: Tepper has one of the best gender diversity ratios at B-schools throughout the world.

The average GMAT score for the incoming class was 691 and the 80% range is from 640-740.

The infographic below depicts the Carnegie Mellon: Tepper MBA class profile with statistics about the gender distribution, age, work experience, and geographical background of the students.

Source: The official school website

Course Curriculum Summary

The MBA programme offers a distinctive curriculum that will change the way you think, network, and do business in some of the most significant markets in the world while also opening up a wider range of opportunities, contacts, and experiences for you. 

The academic approach will prepare you for a future where data will drive technology and human intellect will be liberated, from the core and elective curriculum focused on leadership development and analytics to the mini-semester style, tracks, and capstones.

You will be ready for The Intelligent Future, a future that is creative and inclusive, adaptive and collaborative, thanks to the unmatched focus on leadership development and analytical decision-making.

You can tackle complicated problems in a data-driven environment thanks to the effective combination of management science and leadership art. You will learn the quantitative skills necessary to analyze enormous amounts of data and come up with answers for the most challenging challenges in the programme. You’ll graduate as a leader who is inspired by knowledge, creativity, and a spirit of cooperation developed as a result of your own varied experiences and self-awareness.

Placement Statistics

Each year, Carnegie Mellon: Tepper achieves high employment rates in excess of 96% of each MBA class. 

The return on investment is huge given a median alumni salary after graduation of $134,847.

These are the key placement statistics.

Source: The official career report 2021

Notable Alumni

David Tepper  – Founder and President of Appaloosa Management

Nobuhiro Seki – Japanese businessman and serial tech entrepreneur

Alan B. Thomas Jr. – Chief Operating Officer at IntelliBridge

Application Details

Admission Requirements

  • Resume – Upload a resume sample. This document’s goal is to give a brief overview of your academic background and professional accomplishments so far. For your 1-2 page resume, choose a conventional, 12-pt font (such as Times New Roman or Arial).
  • Education Requirement and Transcripts – Successful candidates will hold a four-year bachelor’s degree from an approved U.S. college or university, or a foreign degree that is equivalent. For each university you attended, you must give specific information about your education. Candidates must also have completed one semester of college-level calculus with a letter grade of B or above in order to be admitted to the MBA programme. Those who don’t meet this criterion must complete Tepper’s Calculus Fundamentals course successfully before matriculating.

All candidates are required to upload legible, scanned/digitized copies of their unofficial transcripts and degree certificates which include the following:

  • University Transcripts
  • Degree Name
  • Degree Conferral Date
  • Degree Certificate
  • Grading Scale
  • Official Translation
  • Official Test Scores (GMAT, GRE, EA) – The GMAT, GRE, and Executive Assessment are accepted by the Tepper School (EA). Successful candidates will have a strong quantitative academic background and/or professional experience in a STEM-related field before submitting an EA score. No matter how much advanced academic work or professional experience you have, you must take one of these tests. The GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS are all accepted in both their online and in-person formats.
  • Official Test Scores Waiver Application – As part of the comprehensive candidate assessment process, all candidates for the Tepper MBA programme at the Tepper School are expected to submit a GMAT, GRE, or Executive Assessment (EA) test score with their application. The Tepper School is aware that current difficulties brought on by the coronavirus epidemic can make it difficult for a candidate to take the test in an expected manner. Due to this, they are giving applicants the choice to submit an application for a GMAT/GRE/EA waiver along with their application.
  • English Language Proficiency Exam (TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo DET) – To meet the university’s admissions standards, applicants must demonstrate a certain level of English proficiency. Unless: You are exempted from taking the TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo test.

You received your bachelor’s degree from an undergraduate institution where English was the only language used for instruction.

You completed a graduate programme where English was the exclusive medium of instruction. Although it is not necessary, they advise you to take the English Language Proficiency test.

  • Professional Recommendation – They only need one recommendation, so please choose someone with whom you are acquainted professionally. The best person to choose is a supervisor, either current or former, who can speak to your professional qualities.

The GMAC Common Letter of Recommendation is what they use (LOR). By offering a single set of recommendation questions for each taking part in school, the Common LOR aims to save both you and your recommender considerable time. This reduces the effort of having to respond to many questions for each school several times by enabling your recommender to utilize the same responses for several letter submissions.

  • Evaluative Interview – You might receive an invitation to an interview with a member of their MBA Admissions team after submitting your application. When necessary and by invitation, only evaluation interviews are conducted. Within a week of the application deadline, they start inviting candidates to interviews. But prior to the decision notification date, you might get an invitation at any time.

Application Fee –  $200 

Application Deadlines

The application deadlines are tentative.

Essay questions

  • Required Essay

The Tepper community is dynamic and unique. Each community member’s individual journey has shaped them into classmates who are collaborative and supportive. Describe how you have overcome adversity during your journey. What did you learn about yourself and how has that shaped who you are? (Maximum 350-500 words.)

  • Optional Essay

Is there anything else that you would like to share with the Admissions Committee as they evaluate your application? If you believe your credentials and essays represent you fairly, you should not feel obligated to answer this question. This essay is intended to provide a place for you to add information that you think is important but is not covered elsewhere in the application. This could include clarification of your employment or academic record, choice of recommenders or helpful context for the admissions committee in reviewing your application.

If you are a re-applicant, explain how your candidacy has strengthened since your last application.

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