McGill Essay 1

Why do you intend on pursuing an MBA at this point in your life? Describe your mid-term and long-term visions for your post-MBA career path and how will the Desautels MBA program add value to your future career? (500 words)

This question is a condensed form of the normal career objectives essay, focusing on candidates’ immediate post-graduation job ambitions and connections to the long term. First, define your desired mid-term goal employer(s) and employment position, and then explain how this approach will lead to your long-term vision. Answer the question “Will having an MBA from McGill help me reach where I want to go?”  Before jumping directly to goals, give a quick synopsis of your career at the beginning of the essay to establish a background. 

The division can be as follows – 

1. Journey– 100 words

2. Mid-term & Long-term goal– 200 words – Describe your longer-term (5–10 year) strategy in detail, moving beyond the “what” and the “where” to the “why”—that is, the difference you expect to create in a company, industry, clientele, or geographic area. Then, candidates should very clearly describe their mid-term intentions, mentioning both the job they aim to take after receiving an MBA and one or two firms they intend to seek. The long-term should follow naturally from this short-term objective. 

3. How the McGill MBA will help you?– 200 words – You may demonstrate to the admissions committee that you have a clear idea of how an MBA would equip you for success by drawing concrete linkages between the skills you expect to acquire (in class or outside) and your future ambitions. Give examples of curricular or programmatic offerings that are pertinent to these goals to highlight this fit. You may maximize your influence by doing a comprehensive study on the program—either by visiting an info session or interacting with students and alumni. 

McGill adcom wants to know that you will be able to achieve your goals after completing their program, so don’t establish unreasonable expectations. Establishing simply that you have the abilities and expertise to enter your selected sector will assist the admissions reader in making the logical link. 

Candidates are expected to describe both their short- and long-term career goals after getting an MBA degree. Then, as is the case with most colleges, a solid response to this question must demonstrate an awareness of the special features of McGill’s curriculum. 

You must draw clear, convincing linkages between the McGill MBA’s courses and how they will help you achieve your objectives. It will be beneficial in this case to take the time to learn about the curriculum, unique programs, and extracurricular activities offered by McGill whether through an online admissions event or discussions with alumni.

Many candidates believe they do not need to define their objectives in detail or that it is preferable to “keep their choices open.” However, if you are submitting an application to a top business school, your objectives must be crystal clear. 

McGill Essay 2

What qualities would you look for in an MBA classmate when working on a team project and describe how your background and leadership skills will enhance the experience of others?

The structure of this essay might be as follows:

  • You outline the attributes you seek in your peers at McGill. This manner, you can learn to see things from a different angle. Choose 2-3 attributes that you would seek for in a batchmate at McGill when working on a collaborative project. Explain in around 150-200 words why each of these attributes is significant and how they will help the team.
  • You discuss your background and skills talking about how your abilities and traits might benefit your peers.

This is a two-way street question. McGill wants to know that you recognize the importance of teamwork and collaboration. For example, different points of view in a classroom/team might possibly lead to conflict among team members. If you have the ability to manage conflicts or an inclusive leadership style, you contribute value by handling conflicts and getting the team on the same page. Use a past example from your work life to demonstrate to McGill adcom. Explain the project, the team members’ traits, and how your leadership abilities enabled the team work together and achieve goals.

McGill Essay 3

Describe a difficult decision you made and the process that you went through to make it. 

The goal of this prompt is to start you thinking about what you learn when things aren’t as simple as you’d like or when you have to make a sacrifice of some kind. You can talk about a professional or personal/familial/communal experience. Tell a story about a time when something was at stake so that the reader might feel and understand that your decision was risky. The reader must understand that you were confronted with an indisputable situation and had to carefully weigh your options. In your essay, walk the reader through your decision-making process while quickly highlighting the multiple potential outcomes or implications of your various options.

In only one or two sentences, an effective responses will be to outline the critical who, what, when, and where of the situation, identifying all important participants and defining what was at stake for you. Describe the scenario to provide the reader with context or background. Stress the significance of the incident and its relation to you. Explain why you made your decision and what actions you took. It is critical to demonstrate what the decision’s conclusion was and what outcomes you received. Use numbers to quantify your results since they effectively express the impact of your efforts.

Finally, if space allows, indicate how this experience has prepared you to contribute to the McGill community and/or your chosen post-MBA company or field.

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