UCLA Anderson Required Essay

For the 2022-2023 application year, we have one essay question that is required for first-time applicants and optional for re-applicants:

Tell us about a recent personal or professional achievement and how it connects to your MBA goals. (250 words maximum)

It’s a good idea to become familiar with UCLA Anderson’s guiding principles before beginning your essay since establishing that your values match those of the school will go a long way toward demonstrating that you would fit in at Anderson.  After doing this research, we advise you to begin considering your greatest accomplishments in life and work. It has been made explicit by UCLA that this example must be related to your MBA career objectives. For instance, you could have just had your first leadership experience, which made you realize how important management training is. or sparked a passion for a certain job role or industry.

In terms of structural approach to this short answer, you may consider using the STAR technique to structure your story:

  • Situation – Set the stage
  • Task – Identify the challenges, tasks ahead of the achievement
  • Action – Describe the actions you took to complete the achievement
  • Result – Summarize the positive outcome

Then, describe how the accomplishment relates to your goals, whether it did so by giving you a useful talent, changing your view on a certain industry, or teaching you another lesson. Try to think back on action-based improvements in your life and how you may continue to make a direct influence on your objectives. Keep in mind that previous conduct is frequently considered as a predictor of future achievement.

We advise you to share how the Anderson MBA is particularly positioned to assist you in achieving your post-MBA goals in your essay’s conclusion. This might be specific subjects you want to take, the values of UCLA Anderson and how they align with your own, or extracurricular activities you wish to get engaged in.

UCLA Anderson Optional Essay

No preference is given in the evaluation process to those who choose to respond to this optional essay, so please use your best judgment:  Are there any extenuating circumstances in your profile about which the Admissions committee should be aware? (250 words maximum)

If necessary, you can address any concerns an admissions officer might have about your candidacy in this essay, such as a subpar grade or overall GPA, a low GMAT or GRE score, or a break in your employment history. No matter how tempted you may be, this is not the place to submit a well-written essay you previously submitted to another school or to provide a few anecdotes that you were unable to include in your required essay. However, if you genuinely feel the need to highlight or clarify anything that would ostensibly make your application insufficient if it were left out, write a very brief paragraph on this important component of your profile.

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